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Making a PICTO group token aimed to speed up global transactions and build a secure, all-encrypted token the purpose of making this international trade token and to pay global commissions was to creat small wages.
The nominal goal of the world peace token and the establishment of PICTO exchange will be soon.

PICTO target

The goal of the Picto Group is to facilitate transactions and eliminate paper money with the support of the World Bank. The Picto Token continues with the goal of world peace and its price target is $ 30 a year.

PICTO building team

The team consists of 5 members and most of the members work in Turkey

PICTO support

The Picto code continues to work with the support of the World Bank and aims to generate signs of global peace with the aim of lifting banking sanctions on all countries and reducing the use of paper money and making payment methods easier.

More discription on PICTO

The token is priced at $ 30 and will soon be listed on several exchanges
Number of tokens. It is 15 billion and only 3 billion of it will be sold in the main market

Token information


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